This was technically my first blog on this site =)) Thought I’d reshare it.


After boyfriend number 53, I decided to stop keeping track.  

     In my defense, that number does include my elementary sweethearts.  The way I see it, even though me and Bobby Well’s relationship only consisted of waving/smiling at each other, occasionally sitting together, and claiming to be one another’s boyfriend/girlfriend, since I was emotionally invested, he counts as a boyfriend.  So when we broke up in second grade, I experienced my first heart-break.  Sure, when he dumped me out in the hallway in front of his friends I acted like I didn’t care, but I’m pretty sure I cried over it.  

That cute, blue-eyed, light brown-haired booger eater wasn’t just a heart breaker, but he had now become a  creator of one.  I went on to be the girlfriend of fellow classmate, Rodrick Brown, then  I moved on to Jaime Perez and when he got old, Zachary Stein.  After Zachary, I…

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